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Lupé Ring

Lupé is a ring is based upon the inspiration of Lady Guadalupe (Vagina as Lady Guadalupe with the heavenly rays behind it). The meaning behind Lupé is the POWER within women. The struggles, growth, health, happiness – the fighters, reactors, healers, teachers, daughters, wives, lovers – our sexuality… together we are strong and we are POWERFUL.

METAL: .925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Vermeil NICKEL FREE, 14K Gold

  • (18mm height & 9mm width) sculpture 

:: What is vermeil gold?::

Gold Vermeil (pronounced vur-MAY) is genuine .925 sterling silver that has been expertly plated with a thick layer of 14k-24k gold.

Gold Vermeil is not to be worn in chlorine water/swimming pools


Each item is Handcrafted and may vary slightly in appearance.