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Our 1-day grillz design intensive offers a relaxed and creative experience, allowing participants ample time to unleash their creativity in a 4-hour session. Whether you are a beginner or have advanced skills, everyone is welcome to join.

During this class, you will have the exciting opportunity to design your very own set of unique grillz. All the necessary studio tools will be provided, and you can let your imagination run wild, creating up to two sets of grillz. 

Once you've finished designing your grillz, it will be sent for casting and polishing. You will then have the option to either pick it up or have it conveniently shipped to you.

Note: Gemstone designs excluded




Four 4-hour sessions held on 4 consecutive weekdays –– participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the step-by-step process involved in creating their own grillz. From designing a silicone mold, to creating a lost wax design, then having their piece cast, and ultimately polishing their final product, students will leave this class with a set of custom-made grillz crafted entirely by themselves, and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue creating unique grillz independently.

Once your wax model is finished, we will send it off for casting. We recommend 10k or 14k gold for this project. The casting / materials cost will be based on the weight of the piece, and can be paid in class at that time. During our final session, students will be able to polish and add finishing touches to their grillz. 

Note: Class does not include stone setting, and students must purchase their own tools