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METAL: .925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Vermeil NICKEL FREE

  • 3.5mm 16” Curb Chain w/ 3” clasp.

  • 20mm round circular circumference pendant

Stone & Healing Benefits: RAW Ruby

  • Ruby has represented nobility, purity, and passion. From ancient times through the modern-day, rubies have been valued by cultures around the world.

  • Please Note:: The Ruby displayed may not resemble all other Rubies when item is purchased due to Studio Lighting. Not all Rubies may have the same hue or red or hint of fuchsia to it. Raw Rubies may have a dullness or specks of black due to sourcing, but Please note, we do our best to get Rubies that stand out and not only hold amazing energy but as well resemble the Ruby Necklace best.

 :: What is vermeil gold?::

Gold Vermeil (pronounced vur-MAY) is genuine .925 sterling silver that has been expertly plated with a thick layer of 14k-24k gold.

Gold Vermeil is not to be worn in chlorine water/swimming pools


Each item is Handcrafted and may vary slightly in appearance.