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Durag Pearl

“Durag Pearl,” an exquisite .90in pendant featuring a lustrous 9mm aubergine cultured pearl adorned with a meticulously crafted 14k or 18k gold durag on a 18' 1mm rope chain


"A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation"

 The color 'aubergine' comes from the French word for eggplant, noting the vegetable's deep purple, almost black, skin. Centuries ago, the aubergine hue symbolized wealth and luxury, commonly adorning the clothing of nobility. The aubergine pearl, coupled with the gold durag, embodies a powerful narrative of heritage, pride, and elegance. The durag, originating as a means to maintain and protect hair, has transcended its utilitarian roots, evolving into an emblem of resistance and cultural pride within the African-American community. In contemporary fashion and streetwear, the durag is celebrated for its stylish versatility, highlighting the creativity and ingenuity of Black culture. Representing a deep connection to identity, fashion, and the celebration of Black beauty, this pendant honors the blending of timeless elegance with cultural resonance.