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Behind the Brand

Aziza-Abdullah.Nicole is a Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in sculpting, painting, and building. Having grown up in P.G. County, Maryland (DMV), she was exposed to the arts and museums at a young age, as her mother recognized that art was her therapy.

After experimenting with various forms of art, Aziza found her passion in sculpting with wax and metal. Now a skilled handcrafted jewelry designer, she has continued to refine her craft, becoming a GIA Graduate Gemologist® in 2022, and completing GIA's Jewelry Design & Technology Comprehensive CAD/CAM program in 2023. With continued growth and dedication to her practice, Aziza opened the doors to her first showroom + atelier in September of 2023.

As an artist who creates with love and intention, Aziza draws inspiration from beauty, history, and her rich multi-layered heritage, creating a unisex collection of protective layerings and heirlooms that can be passed on for generations.